Future Pace

A gallery without walls

FuturePace was a two-year initiative by Futurecity and Pace that combined the curatorial expertise of Pace with the cultural placemaking experience of Futurecity.

FuturePace took the collaborative energies of an international group of artists and offered a pioneering approach to commissioning public art that created an impactful, engaging and exhilarating ’gallery without walls’.


Established in 2016 by Futurecity Founder Mark Davy, together with Pace Gallery’s Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst and Pace worldwide CEO Marc Glimcher, FuturePace offered an innovative approach to commissioning art in the public realm. It drew on the expansive and important histories of Futurecity and Pace, combining Futurecity’s expertise in cultural placemaking and commissioning large-scale multidisciplinary artworks with Pace’s extensive global network of contemporary artists, galleries and resources. 

FuturePace delivered imaginative, site-specific contemporary art projects, embedded into infrastructure, architecture and urban landscapes. We managed art commissions from inception to completion, working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome, ranging from physical sculpture to complex tech-based artworks.

The FuturePace artists led the new wave of interchange of disciplines, whereby the artist works independently or in collaboration with architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers, community representatives, technologists and scientists, indeed with anyone interested in the notion of the cultural city.