Future Pace

A gallery without walls

FuturePace is a cultural partnership between Futurecity and Pace that combines the gallery and curatorial expertise of Pace with the cultural placemaking experience of Futurecity. FuturePace takes the collaborative energies of an international group of artists and offers a pioneering approach to commissioning art that is impactful, engaging and exhilarating.

Established by Futurecity Founder Mark Davy, together with Pace Gallery’s Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst and Pace worldwide CEO Marc Glimcher, FuturePace offers an innovative approach to commissioning art in the public realm. It draws on the expansive and important histories of Futurecity and Pace, combining expertise in commissioning large-scale collaborative, multidisciplinary artworks alongside an extensive global network of contemporary artists, galleries and resources.

FuturePace works with a carefully selected group of artists drawn from Pace's longstanding commitment to those working in the fields of technology and experiential art. FuturePace has drawn a connection from the Art and Technology movement of 1970s California, pioneered by Robert Irwin and James Turrell, to the artists that are breaking boundaries in the way that contemporary art is seen and experienced today. Through experience, interactivity and social media, our artists have created new ways of engaging with a new audience, resulting in a large, passionately supportive and global audience.

The partnership aims to create a ‘gallery without walls’, providing imaginative, site-specific contemporary art, embedded into infrastructure, architecture and urban landscapes. Our artists exist in a world where the interchange of disciplines is becoming the norm, working independently and in collaboration with architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers, community representatives, technologists and scientists, indeed with anyone interested in the idea of placing art in urban places.

For more information visit https://www.pacegallery.com/ / https://futurecity.co.uk/

What We Do
FuturePace offers urban professionals access to a world-class group of international artists, each capable of creating, fabricating and delivering large-scale artworks in a range of urban settings. Our artists work with a range of technologies and more traditional media such as large-scale sculpture and murals, whilst challenging the established notion of public art, combining technology, colour, kinetics, the physical form and interaction.

In addition, FuturePace provides support for curators, project managers, professionals, clients and commissioning bodies. We can help with public art strategies, setting up public art competitions and joining bids. Our artists can join project long-lists, short-lists or direct selection.

FuturePace manages project commissions from inception to completion, working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome, ranging from physical sculpture to complex tech-based artworks. Our team assists with curation, project management, financial and legal advice, PR, branding and marketing advice and consultation and community liaison.

We provide our clients with the confidence to commission ambitious, impactful and visionary artworks. We help them understand the opportunities to be gained from commissioning art and from increased footfall as a catalyst for wider ideas, offering connection to local communities and providing visitor attractions with a raised profile through PR and marketing. FuturePace builds bridges to support and secure the planning, delivery and legacy of new commissions. We provide the full commissioning process, including the documentation for planning applications and material for consultation. We liaise with the city authorities on major public art commissions, and we have an experienced team of engineers, fabricators and specialists who assist with each stage of the process, contributing to a maintenance and management plan once the commission is completed and delivered.